10 Modern Color Combinations for Kitchen

kitchen painting color combinations

10 Modern Color Combinations for Kitchen

White spaces are an option. Many argue that the absence of painting shade (white is also described as a colorless color) can give the space brightness but at the same time creates a sense of coolness.

Color combinations have been selected that highlight the architectural elements of the space, create a sense of warmth, tranquility, hospitality or freshness and promote our personal style.

The kitchen is a place of creation, family gathering and entertainment

In the kitchen, housewives, and not only, spend enough time every day to prepare the meals of the day.

  • Minimal Design White ceiling, Light gray walls & 3 tones darker Gray furniture
  • Modern line with White ceiling, Walls in light Gray & Pastel Yellow furniture

In the kitchen, all the family members, parents and children gather to dine and often exchange the news of the day. Psychologists argue that meal times are one of the most important for a family because they actually contribute to its emotional “bonding“.

Nowadays the kitchen is also a place of entertainment. Cooking is a favorite hobby of children and adults.

  • Bright colors of great contrast but perfect combination, wall in light gray and furniture in red Watermelon.
  • Light gray in two tones and Blue navy, a timeless color combination suitable for kitchens but also open spaces such as living rooms.

But the kitchen is not just a room with multiple and important roles, it also has some peculiarities. With more basic humidity, water vapor, the need for high hygiene, the temperatures that develop due to cooking and the operation of electrical appliances.

One of the sweetest and favorite painting shades of Buttermilk for the walls in combination with light gray create a bright and pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen

Combination of classic and modern

Wood painting color and Charteuse Green, a practical proposal if you want to renovate kitchen furniture but also keep elements of natural wood. The walls are painted in soft sugar.

So when we decide to paint or renovate our kitchen, we are interested in both the functionality and the aesthetics of the space.

Choosing painting colors for the kitchen

Our proposal argues that the combination of two painting shades is ideal. With the exception of a third shade which can be furniture, kitchen cabinets or appliances.

  • Cheerful and bright kitchen with Blue Diamond 5 for the walls and satin ripoline in soft Lemon for the furniture
  • This kitchen is typical Vintage style sweet contrast with walls painted with PCM 311 by Bechro and Blue Nuit furniture by Syntilor

Above we have selected for you 10 painting combinations with bright and modern colors in New Jersey. The choice was made based on high aesthetics and the creation of a pleasant & “fresh” atmosphere that will contribute to the beautiful moments of the family.

As you will see the first color of the three is usually light. This color is recommended for the ceiling or for large areas of the space. The second color can be chosen for large wall surfaces, when we want to create a modern atmosphere, or for small surfaces, when we want to emphasize architectural elements of the space. The third color refers mainly to the colors of the kitchen furniture.
Of course, our suggestions are indicative and if your personal preferences suggest different color schemes, just dare it.

  • Classic color combination. Different tones of the same shade.
  • Another color combination for Vintage style. Blue Diamond and walnut color.

Color properties for kitchen

To complete our proposal we must say a few words about the properties of the colors proposed for painting kitchens. There are two most basic:

  1. Anti-mildew paints that prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in areas with high humidity and water vapor.
  2. Paints resistant to frequent washing.

Here we have completed our tribute to kitchen painting colors and we invite you to enjoy the combinations. For more decoration ideas and suggestions for color combinations you can visit our pages Gikas Painting Painters.

However, if you need more information or if you want to create new color combinations together, do not hesitate to contact us. The color may differ from the actual color. To see the real shade, consult Gikas Painters New Jersey.

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