7 Reasons why choose fire curtains


fire curtains - πυροκουρτίνες

7 Reasons why choose fire curtains

From small to large malls, fire curtains – πυροκουρτίνες are a very popular choice thanks to their many important advantages.

They are distinguished for their elegance while providing security, privacy, insulation, and shading while being easy to use.

In general, we would say that they can serve almost every need and taste. See the 7 main reasons to choose fire curtains.


1. Durability

Fire curtains – πυροκουρτίνες are particularly durable over time as aluminum as a material does not corrode and does not rust easily.

In addition, aluminum is about 25% lighter than steel while at the same time has about the same strength.

This means that your fire curtains will be strong as steel with great durability and at the same time light and easy to handle.


2. Functionality

Fire curtains – πυροκουρτίνες are the ideal choice to have the ideal conditions in your home.

They protect against any weather conditions and show great resistance to the effects of thermal expansion and contraction while allowing you to control how much light and air you want to enter your space.

At the same time, the material has excellent reflection, protecting from the sun in the summer months while in winter they protect the heat in the room.


3. Flexibility in colors and applications

Heavy-duty fire curtains are electrostatically coated in all colors.

You can choose from a wide range of colors with excellent resistance to external conditions, something that makes the color remain unchanged over the years.

Fire curtains – πυροκουρτίνες can also be designed in any size, having many applications in windows, garage doors, industrial shutters, etc., better serving the needs.

You can also choose the design of the blind (roll leaflets) either in a straight or in a curved line.


4. Ease to use

One of the most important reasons to choose fire curtains – πυροκουρτίνες is also that they do not take up any space to open and close while they are very easy to use.

The manual shutters open quite simply while in the automatic, you can open all the shutters of your business with the push of a button.


5. Fire resistance

Fire curtains – πυροκουρτίνες are one of your best choices in terms of protection against fire damage.

Compared to the other two partition construction materials (PVC and wood), fire curtains have the highest fire protection index and their application is necessary, especially in areas with a high-risk index.


6. Security

Security is a priority for many home or business owners, especially if they are in an urban area. Installing security doors and security locks is not the only security measures they can take.

Fire curtains – πυροκουρτίνες offer high security and are a deterrent to would-be offenders as they are almost invulnerable without heavy, electronic equipment and tools.


7. High aesthetics

Fire curtains – πυροκουρτίνες look great everywhere, especially in modern homes or shops.

Architects often choose to renovate a home or business by adding fire curtains – πυροκουρτίνες to ensure maximum space security along with security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας.


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