(Reuters) — British law enforcement are to start operational use of live facial recognition cameras in London, even with warnings around privacy from legal rights groups and fears expressed by the government’s own surveillance watchdog. “The use of reside facial recognition know-how will be intelligence-led and deployed to distinct areas […]

There are a lot of problems right now about technology’s harmful consequences. How do you retain your famed optimism about it? This story is portion of our March/April 2019 challenge See the relaxation of the concernSubscribe Appear at how extended people today are living, the reduction of below-5 mortality, the […]

I was honored when MIT Technology Review invited me to be the first guest curator of its 10 Breakthrough Technologies. Narrowing down the list was difficult. I wanted to choose things that not only will create headlines in 2019 but captured this moment in technological history—which got me thinking about […]

Under a California plan aimed at curbing local weather pollution, landowners across the US have acquired hundreds of millions of pounds for promised carbon dioxide reductions that may possibly not happen. The condition has issued carbon offset credits to initiatives that may overstate their emissions reductions by 80 million tons […]

Mobile-phone technological know-how has modified the way humans recognize and interact with the globe and with just about every other. It’s tricky to believe of a technologies that has more strongly shaped 21st-century dwelling. The latest technology—the fifth technology of mobile requirements, or 5G—is at the moment staying deployed in […]