How to prepare your sewer system for winter

How to prepare your sewer system for winter

It is true that sewer systems are complex and they need proper care from professionals Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. During the spring and summer everything is easier as the temperatures are not very low and the weather is really helping, as the winds and hail are limited. During winter though, may damages can  occur to your sewer system due to the low temperatures and the snow.

To prevent your sewer system from being harmed and paying a ton of money to fix it, we are going to present you the steps you need to follow in order to prepare your sewer system for winter. Just make sure to follow them at the end of every summer so that you will be ready to welcome winter without any additional damage to your pipes.

Are sewer pipes going to freeze during winter?

Before telling you how you can prepare your sewer system for winter, we should answer the question above. And the answer is yes, sewer pipes can freeze during winter. But the major point is what do frozen pipes cause?

A frozen pipe could easily break because of the pressure of the frozen water in it. As you probably know, frozen metals are more fragile. What this means is that after the pipe breaks you will not be apple to have water supply and you could even experience a flood in your house.

This is an expensive damage which causes you lack of water for quite a while and of course discomfort. It will also demand the intervention of sewer crew professionals Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς who will repair  your damage. To avoid that keep reading to find out the steps to prepare your system for winter.

How to prepare pipes for winter

You need to follow the steps that we mention below in order to be ready for whatever winter will bring on you. Some areas are having a really smooth winter and sometimes it does not even snow, but if the temperature drops below zero degrees then you are probably going to face problems with your pipes.

Locate the valve which closes the water supply

You need to know where your water valve is. Not only for the matter of preparing your pipes for winter, but you need to be able to reach it for various reasons. Make sure that the valve is clean, easy to reach and of course easy to close and open. Some valves that are not used frequently tend to get rusty and almost impossible to turn around.

Please do not let your valve be a mess as during winter you need to be able to close it quickly, in case any pipes break. Another option is to oil the valve from time to time so that you are 100% sure that it works.

Water heater function

Make sure that your water heater at the house or business is working properly. If you notice that the temperature outside is dropping or it is snowing, you should increase the temperature of the water heater gradually. Start off by one degree and move up. Because of the heat temperatures it is likely that the frozen pipes can be avoided.

Another pro tip is to leave your faucet in the lowest possible function when you go to bed at night. The water running in the pipes will prevent the pipes from getting frozen.

Insulation in pipes

Your pipes should be insulated both the externals and the internal ones. Insulation will help prevent the freezing of the pipes and it will save you money as far as the heat in your house is concerned.

Get rid of the snow

If you live in an area where the winter is heavy and many snowfalls and blizzards are noted, you should make sure that the snow is not being collected where your pipes are. Your outdoor pipes should not be touching any snow as this would decrease their temperature, leaving you with less water power.

The outcome of a snowy night is that your pipes will probably freeze and you will be left without water supply, let alone a pipe burst which can lead to a flood.

Get a professional drain cleaning

It is true that a professional cleaning Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη will help you if you have it done at the end of summer. During summer, many things end up in your sewer system like leafs, twigs or plastic items. While they are building up, they could create big problems in the winter such as a clogged drain which can lead to major problems.

If you have your sewer system professionally cleaned, you have less chances to deal with a burst pipe or product build up in your pipes. Just make sure to have it done when the high summer temperatures are over.

Hints that your sewers are frozen

Your pipes will drop hints to you when they are frozen. Sometimes these hints are quite obvious while others not so much. Anyhow, you will need to be extra careful, especially if you are not willing to follow the steps we mentioned before.

  • You find puddles of water where they should not exist or you find out that water is coming from the inside of your walls. This means that a pipe might have burst or there is a leak that will damage your walls. It needs immediate action from a professional in drain cleaning.
  • You see frost on your pipes. This means that your pipes are probably frozen and that the water can not get through as it has turned to ice. Make sure to check the pipes under your sinks which are easily accessible and if you see frost on them then know that your sewing system is frozen.
  • You open your faucets but no water is coming out. This means that the pipes are completely frozen so you need to take action and hire a professional to help you fix them.

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