How to unblock your bathroom or kitchen sink


How to unblock your bathroom or kitchen sink

Unblocking – ΥΔΡΑΥΛΙΚΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ – the sink for the bathroom and kitchen is a necessary task, which must be done at home. Your sink has a way of indicating that it’s time to block a sink, as long as you pay attention to the signs to understand that you need to call a technician.

Do you need a kitchen sink unblock? The plumbers of our platform are available daily, to serve you with guaranteed results, at the most affordable price. All you have to do is fill out our form for free, to find the right professional for you!

When will you need a sink flush – sink block?

The signs that you will need to block a kitchen or bathroom sink are just 3 and you won’t have a hard time noticing them. If you notice any of the following, the best thing to do is to contact a blockage workshop immediately.

The kitchen sewer smells. If you have just cleaned your kitchen, but you still notice an unpleasant odour in the space, then it’s probably time for a professional sink flush.

The sink does not drain the water. Do you notice that the sink in the bathroom, or kitchen, finds it difficult to empty the tap water? If so, this is a sure sign that a sink is needed.

The bathroom siphon smells. Unpleasant odours in the bathroom are a sign that you can’t ignore. A bad smell can warn you that you need to flush the sink, or even block the drain.

Why did the bathroom or kitchen sink block?

1. Hair or other small items

Hair is probably the most common reason you need to flush a sink. Without realizing it, large quantities are collected in the bathroom siphon, which impedes the smooth operation of our sewer.

2. Fats and food scraps

One of the most common mistakes we make is not carefully emptying our dishes before washing them. Food debris and grease sticking to the walls of the pipes block the flow of waste and bring the need for a sink to a step closer.

3. Chemical cleaners

There are many preparations on the market that promise immediate unblocking of a sink or rapid rinsing of a bathroom sink. However, their action is so strong that they end up with the opposite effect. Chemical cleaners gradually damage the walls of the pipes and impede their operation.

How can you unplug the sink?

1. Rinse the sink with natural materials

This is the simplest solution you can try, but its effectiveness is not certain. Using simple materials that we all have in our home, such as vinegar or soda, you can try rinsing the sink without the help of a technician.

Although it is a cheap and easy solution, it is more suitable mainly for prevention and not for fighting the problem.

2. Rinse the sink with a suction cup

Another simple way to block is to use a suction cup. Many people have this small tool in their home and it is an easy solution for extraordinary cases of sink blockage. Like natural materials, suction cups are useful in cases where there is no serious problem, as then more specialized tools are required.

3. Professional sink and sink blockage

If for any reason you have a clogged siphon, a blockage workshop is the only guaranteed solution to the problem. In case you try the above without result, all you have to do is turn to a professional to immediately restore the operation of your sewer.

What do unblocking crews offer you?

On our platform you will find specialized professionals, to help you with the blockage of the kitchen sink or with the rinsing of the bathroom sink. Our workshops are immediately available daily, reliably undertaking any kind of blockage.

Having many years of experience and modern equipment, they can guarantee you the best and most immediate service. If you have serious problems with clogged sinks and clogs that clog frequently, this is the best solution.

If you need an instantly guaranteed sink flush in the kitchen or bathroom, we are here. Submit your work for sink washing on our platform completely free of charge. In a few seconds, we will find you a suitable professional in your area, to give you an offer!

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