The new TCL 10 SE smartphone


The new TCL 10 SE smartphone

From watching a movie on the impressive 6.52-inch V-notch screen –θήκες κινητών– and NXTVISION optical technology, to capturing important life events with the flexible 48MP AI triple camera, the TCL 10 SE offers a complete performance and carefree experience that will cover all the needs of your daily life, over and over again.

The TCL 10 SE will let the fans of TLC smartphones run at the top performance possible, with an 8-core 2.0GHz processor, large 128GB ROM and 4000mAh battery, giving you functionality and an impressive NXTVISION visual experience combined with virtual elegance.

The TCL 10 SE brings the “Display Greatness” philosophy to life with high quality technology at a very affordable price.

Enhanced viewing experience- Excellent optics

The projection became even more exciting with the TCL 10 SE, thanks to the 6.52 inch V-notch screen, the 20: 9 aspect ratio and the 89% * 1 screen / body ratio, you will enjoy an uninterrupted & smooth cinematic experience while the device remains compact and the screen optimized!

Your images will be transformed into works of art, where exceptional colors, contrast and sharp details are optimized in real time. Thanks to the NXTVISION enhancement of the screen and the automatic contrast enhancement,  as mentioned before, your images are optimized to provide the greatest resolution in any lighting condition.

Thanks to the viewing options of the TCL 10 SE you will always have relaxed eyes. “Ultra-Dimming” provides a flicker-free display with deeper blacks and brighter whites, ‘Reading Mode’ makes reading as if you were reading from paper, and ‘Eye Comfort’ reduces harmful blue light for a more relaxed view.

Keep all details: flexible 48MP AI triple camera

Capture all your highlights and create the most detailed shots with absolute ease using the 48MP High Definition Triple AI Camera that automatically recognizes scenes and objects resulting in the best lighting for your high resolution photo. The TCL 10 SE also applies 4-in-1 big pixel technology that makes your shots twice as bright, even in low light environments * 2.

The TCL 10 SE offers ‘professional’ flexibility when it comes to capturing truly great moments. With a 115 ° Super Wide-Angle camera you will be able to capture the whole scene without leaving any details * 3 and a depth camera that creates beautiful bokeh for your portraits.

Stay creative and explore the abilities of filming with the AI Portrait Color mode, AI Video Bokeh and Shaping Video Modes.


Effective and comfortable experience – Complete performance of TLC 10 SE

When you need high-performance performance to keep your daily routine smooth, the TCL 10 SE ensures continuous operation with an octa-core 2.0GHz processor that performs a variety of tasks with incredible ease of flow. You will also be able to store and always have access to the photos, videos, music and files you need instantly via the large 128GB memory.

The TCL 10 SE offers you reliable power all day, with a large 4000mAh battery, without the need to recharge your device. And when it’s time to charge your device, the 15W fast charging feature brings you back to 100% fast so you can get started right away. The TCL 10 SE also benefits from On-The-Go reverse charging, where you can charge another device wherever you are * 4.

Expand your audio horizons via multi-streaming with Super Bluetooth. You are also able to connect up to 4 (!) Bluetooth speakers or up to 4 Bluetooth headsets at the same time and enjoy multi-share music at its best.

Turn access to your device into a simple event with the dedicated Google Assistant key and smart security features. From handling tasks, getting instructions or smart suggestions with your Google Assistant (virtual service), or unlocking your phone with a touch from your fingertips or even a glance using the Face Unlock or TCL 10 fingerprint sensor on the back SE supports you in your daily life.

Amazing elegance and sleek design

The TCL 10 SE offers a discreet charm smartphone thanks to its silky smooth design and finish. The beautiful elegance of the 2.5D double-sided windshield with curved back offers ergonomic grip comfort, while the perfectly aligned symmetrical details and visually appealing matte & glossy finish produce a holographic effect * 5 inspired by the beauty of the Arctic and leaves you with the sense of refined elegance.

the TCL 10 SE is available, starting at € 189 at Icy Silver or Polar Night.

1. The screen-body ratio is calculated by the VA / TP method.
2. 1.6μm are achieved by combining four 0.8μm pixels.
3. Compared to standard camera angle (approx. 74 degrees) apart from the wide angle distortion correction. Data provided, are based on results from TCL Camera Lab tests.
4. The package charger only supports charging up to 10W.
5. The Holographic effect is only for the Polar Night shade.


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